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Friday, August 3, 2007

On My Mind

One of the advantages of living with a thirteen year old is the view from the top. My son has taught me about me, about him, about communication, about education, about peace and about my father to mention only a few. The issue on my mind today is why do we persist in doing things in ways that we know does not work?

School structures designed over 100 years ago are working diligently to improve without actually changing anything. When leadership is presented with information that informs them of the required systems reformation the answer is almost always agreement and then an explanation on exactly why that just would not work, in this place or at this time, or with these resources. So we carry on doing it wrong but in a better and improved fashion.

If I think about it this model, "to know but to do nothing", plays out in a plethora of social institutions (banks, marriages, governments, corporations, religions, etc). We are getting gifted at this scenario. That's what it is. I wonder just why it is?

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