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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Just a thought that has more to do with labor than memorial, but then Memorial day feels often more like labor day.

For Those Interested in Making a Difference 

Facilitation is the sustaining of opportunities, resources, encouragement and support for the group to succeed in achieving its objectives, and to do this through enabling the group to take control and responsibility for the way they proceed.  The facilitating leader is a facilitator with a vision.  The use of facilitation finally answers the question of how to motivate people.  The answer is not about motivation.  It is rather about inspiration.  To produce or arouse a strong feeling is the only direct path to quality, effectiveness, health, profitability and personal well being.  I have never been successful in generating high sustainable levels of motivation as a leader.  I have been able to create authentic environments that reach into individuals and free what is best about them.  We who are living in environments that inspire have virtually been able to do away with regulatory quality checks, abolish watch dog forms and reporting mechanisms, and focus on doing the job right rather than short term concerns of profitability, quality control, or human resource management.  

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