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Friday, May 14, 2010

Facilitated Leader

Voice is the key in todays and yesterdays world. The concept of facilitation is as old as the stars and modern as web2.0. For a more detailed rendering of the concept I offer "The Facilitated Leader" for your enjoyment.

And a famous friend of mine constructed The Support Circle as a process that can be used in your living room or in your cloud.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Economics more than dollar counting

When I was young “men” stood round and bragged about how heavy their cars where. It wasn’t until the VW Bug came to our town that weight as the measurement of the best became not such an important measure. Some still argued about how heavy their car was but those brands, and people, soon where silenced by other more complex realities.
As we enter the gubernatorial season I hear the ghosts of those weight braggers arguing about how heavy their budgets are or are not. Half of us line up on the mine is lighter side and half of us line up on the mine is heavier side. The only thing that gets accomplished is nothing, which works well for both sides of the well-to-do bragging aisle.
So, what to do. It is time to stop measuring our actions worthiness and direction based solely on dollar weight. The bottom line as measured only by the dollar amount is not sustainable and does not give us happiness, spiritual growth, health, sound ecologies and so forth. An economy based on a respectful mathematical formula that accounts for the entire commonwealth is what we need (and is used in many parts of the world).
The good elected servants and the honorable ones running for office know how to create policy that measures the health and welfare and profitability of the commonwealth. I call on them to act with moral intent not individualistic self-preservation. We the people have worshiped the golden calf well past the time we can afford it. In order to understand this from a practical approach I will purchase, Right Relationship By Peter B. Brown and Geoffrey Garver, for any of my elected officials who call me and request a copy. Perhaps others will do the same.
In Good Health,